Hoekstra book gets All-Star treatment on MiLB.com!

MiLB.com, the official site of Minor League Baseball, calls Hoekstra's Cougars and Snappers and Loons, Oh My!, A Midwest League Field Guide an "irreverent travelogue" of league and its characters. Read the full article, Hoekstra takes the field in the Midwest, here!

Cubbie Blues Podcast

Cubbie Blues editor Donald Evans was interviewed by WGN 720 radio's Don Digilio on the eve of the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest. Download and listen to the uncut MP3 podcast of that interview.

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Holy Cow! Can't Miss Press is a proud sponsor of The Common Fan Sings, a grassroots effort launched by Dave Cihla (co-creator of the Shawon-O-Meter) to let a regular Cubs fan sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field. Sign the petition to let Dave and other deserving Cubs fans carry on the tradition started by Harry Caray. Then view the video of Dave and some of his supporters singing "Happy Birthday" to Shawon at the Shawon-O-MeetUp at Murphy's Bleachers

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Mary Beth Hoerner



MY BRUSH WITH A CUB: Most recently, it was with Ron Santo at his restaurant. It was one of those pleasant surprises when someone turns out to be as nice in person as you had imagined.


FAVORITE ALL-TIME CUB: Over the years, I have really grown to admire Ron Santo. I really can’t get enough of him on the radio now. He doesn’t hide his disgust. I like that in a person. Kerry Wood is also very unselfish with his time aside from being a great player. I’m sick that he’s gone.


WORKING ON: Second installment of a theatrical trilogy set in the Southwest in the 1950s. The first was Atomic Honeymoon, which was produced at the Cornservatory on Lincoln Avenue in 2007. The second uses the Roswell Incident as a springboard for a greater exploration of UFOs. “The UFO play was supposed to be funny, the lightest of the three,” Mary Beth says, “but my research has left me pretty much afraid of my own shadow.”


DAY JOB: Aide to a local politician (who has to remain nameless as the political farce is forthcoming).


LITERARY FIGURE I’D HIRE TO MANAGE THE CUBS: Samuel Beckett. Godot never comes, you know, so I think Beckett would have the temperament.




MOST CHERISHED CUBS MEMORY: 1979. Cubs v. Phillies. Bleachers. This time, with Katie and her boyfriend. I brought a hotel bell, the kind that requires a light tap on the top, and I dinged the life out of it every time the Cubs got so much as a ball. So by the time the game was over and the Cubs had scored 22 runs, the Phillies fans around me had plotted my death. BTW, the Cubs lost, 23-22.


BEST PIECE OF CUBS MEMORABILIA: It’s my sister’s. An I-HOP place mat with the faces of the ’69 Cubs in little baseballs.


THE CUBS WILL WIN IT ALL IN 2009 BECAUSE: The Leprechaun told me they will.


THE CUBS WON’T WIN IT ALL IN 2009 BECAUSE: Take your meds, Man.


Want more Mary Beth?

Read "Atta Girl," Don Evans' profile of her

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